New Titania iPasta T. 2/6,5 mm


The Imperia Titania pasta machine, meticulously crafted in Italy, stands as a symbol of durability and precision. Constructed from high-quality chromium-plated steel, this machine is designed to withstand the test of time, embodying the strength and reliability of Italian engineering. It efficiently produces a 150mm wide pasta sheet in six adjustable thicknesses, catering to various culinary needs. The machine also features cutting options for 2mm Tagliatelle and 6.5mm Fettuccine, allowing for versatility in your pasta creations. The Imperia Titania is perfect for both home cooks and professionals who seek a robust, reliable tool for making authentic Italian pasta with ease and consistency.

Key Features:

  • Italian Precision Engineering: Durable chromium-plated steel construction
  • Adjustable Thickness: Produces pasta sheets in six different thicknesses (up to 150mm wide)
  • Versatile Cutting Options: Includes settings for 2mm Tagliatelle and 6.5mm Fettuccine

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