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Who we are

Imperia was established officially on February 3rd, 1932 as the development of a little artisan workshop and started at once to distribute pasta machines around the world. The main market of reference became the United States of America and its numerous Italian emigrants who, thanks to the use of pasta machines established a sort of sentimental link with the tastes of their far-off homeland. Now Imperia exports to 77 countries worldwide.

With the company’s expansion, the Imperia brand became synonymous with durable household products with a strong brand identity. The present range includes over 25 items, each specifically created to guarantee an unmistakeable quality of fresh pasta. The pasta line has been joined by a range of small kitchen appliances (graters, tomato juicers and meat mincers). In short, we now have three product lines: HOME, PROFESSIONAL and ELECTRIC APPLIANCES.
Production is carried out at our plant in Sant’Ambrogio, Turin and we are proud to be able to say that each product is 100% Italian with national raw materials.
Imperia is genuinely made in Italy.

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