Sfogliatrice Imperia iPasta Classic


The Imperia Sfogliatrice is specifically designed for creating perfect pasta sheets, an essential base for many pasta dishes. Its versatile design allows you to roll pasta dough into six different thicknesses, catering to various culinary needs and preferences. This specialization in pasta sheets makes it an ideal tool for those who cherish the art of homemade pasta. Perfect for making ravioli and lasagne. Compatible with all our Simplex and Duplex accessories.

Key Features:

  • Italian Engineering: Precision-crafted from chromium-plated steel for durability and longevity
  • Versatility in Thickness: Adjustable settings for rolling pasta dough into six different thicknesses
  • Focused on Pasta Sheets: Ideal for crafting perfect pasta sheets, the foundation of many pasta dishes


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L’iPasta Classica Ruvida di Imperia, realizzata in acciaio cromato, perfetta per preparare la sfoglia in sei diversi spessori. La sua compatibilità con gli accessori Simplex e Duplex, e tutti gli accessori Imperia, rende le opzioni di formato di pasta realizzabili infinite.

Caratteristiche Principali:

  • Colore: Argento
  • Costruzione duratura in acciaio cromato
  • compatibile con accessori Simplex e Duplex