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Introducing the “GRAN GOURMET” bundle, a comprehensive collection meticulously designed for pasta enthusiasts. This exclusive set includes a 22 cm Manual Ruvida Pasta Machine in a striking red finish, perfect for creating authentic, textured pasta sheets. The machine’s rough surface rollers are specifically engineered to enhance the pasta’s ability to absorb sauces, elevating the flavor of your dishes.

Additionally, the bundle features two Simplex accessories: a 6.5 mm cutter and a 12 mm cutter. These attachments are ideal for making a variety of pasta shapes, allowing you to experiment with different styles and recipes. The 6.5 mm cutter is perfect for wider pasta like fettuccine, while the 12 mm cutter excels in producing even broader noodles such as pappardelle or lasagnette, both adding versatility to your pasta-making repertoire.

Encased in an elegant wooden box, the GRAN GOURMET bundle not only ensures safe storage and transport but also adds a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen. This set includes everything needed to explore the rich and varied world of rough-textured pasta, making it a must-have for both aspiring and experienced pasta makers. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday cooking, the GRAN GOURMET bundle brings the art of Italian pasta into your home with style and ease.

Key Features:

  • Manual Ruvida Pasta Machine: 22 cm, red, for textured pasta sheets
  • Simplex Accessory Cutters: Includes 6.5 mm and 12 mm cutters for a variety of pasta types
  • Elegant Wooden Crate Packaging: Provides a charming and practical storage solution
  • Versatile Pasta Making: Ideal for creating different forms of rough-textured pasta

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