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The Imperia Titania Electric pasta machine, a testament to Italian precision engineering, is a robust and enduring kitchen tool. Fashioned from durable chromium-plated steel, this machine is built to last, offering both strength and reliability. It effortlessly produces a 150mm wide pasta sheet with the option to adjust across six different thicknesses, giving you the flexibility to cater to a variety of pasta preferences. Furthermore, this electric model simplifies the process of cutting the pasta sheets into classic pasta shapes: 2mm Tagliatelle and 6.5mm Fettuccine. Ideal for anyone seeking the convenience of an electric pasta machine without compromising on the quality and authenticity of homemade pasta, the Imperia Titania Electric is a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Key Features:

  • Italian Craftsmanship: Made with chromium-plated steel for lasting durability
  • Multiple Thickness Options: Adjustable settings for creating 150mm pasta sheets in six thicknesses
  • Electric Cutting Precision: Effortlessly cuts pasta into 2mm Tagliatelle and 6.5mm Fettuccine
  • 230V

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