Raviolamp 44 Classic Raviolini da brodo


Discover the Imperia Raviolamp series, an innovative collection of moulds designed for the quick and easy production of various stuffed pasta and confections. These moulds are perfectly compatible with pasta sheets prepared using Imperia pasta machines, allowing for a seamless integration into your pasta-making process. Whether you’re crafting ravioli, tortelli, tortellini for broth, or filled sweet treats, the Raviolamp range offers versatility and efficiency. The design of these moulds encourages culinary creativity, inviting you to experiment with an array of fillings to suit your taste. Ideal for both home cooks and professional chefs, the Imperia Raviolamp moulds make the art of stuffed pasta and pastry creation more accessible and enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Mould Range: Suitable for making ravioli, tortelli, tortellini, and more
  • Seamless Compatibility: Designed to work with pasta sheets from Imperia machines
  • Encourages Creativity: Allows for endless possibilities with various fillings

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