RavioliMaker 3


The RavioliMaker 3 is an exceptional accessory designed to complement the iPasta and Titania models, facilitating the creation of homemade stuffed ravioli. This model, crafted from chromium-plated steel and wood, adds a touch of traditional elegance to your pasta-making tools. It is specifically designed to produce rows of three perfectly shaped 3×3 cm ravioli, allowing for consistent size and shape with each batch. The RavioliMaker 3 is ideal for those who love to experiment with different fillings, from classic cheese and spinach to more adventurous combinations. Its user-friendly design and compatibility with iPasta and Titania machines make it an invaluable addition to any kitchen where the art of making authentic Italian ravioli is cherished.

Key Features:

  • Construction: Wood adds a traditional aesthetic to your pasta-making equipment
  • Compatible with iPasta and Titania: Seamlessly works with these models
  • Efficient Design: Easily creates rows of three 3×3 cm ravioli

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